4th August relief project


Key Of Life works on helping people that got affected by the explosion of Beirut port on 4th of august 2020, depending on their needs, if they lost a family member, got hurt physically due to shattered glass, or got their homes destroyed due to the blast, or even are out of their jobs since their workplace got destroyed and are in need of financial, rehabilitation, food, clothes, medication or even psychological support.

Key of life is networking and coordinating with several local actors in order to ensure the proper delivery of services to the families in need, in this framework, Key Of Life Supported More than 359 Families based on the following criteria:

  • Families live in the explosion affected area
  • Family member injured from explosion
  • Families have widowed and divorced women
  • Families have pregnant women
  • Families have elderlies
  • Families have children with no work or financial resources